You just can't do better
than a Max MPG Scooter!


Save on gas, expand on thrills

Buying a scooter is more than just an investment in reduced gas spending and improved sustainability - it's an investment in fun.

With the wind rushing up against you and the low rumble of the machine below you running through your veins, you'll forget all about the low prices, massive MPG performance, and huge cash savings. All you'll be thinking about are the good times you'll be having on the back of your stylish new scooter.

Quality tested for a smooth and satisfactory performance

As a full service shop, all of our scooters and pit bikes are fully assembled, examined, and tested before we put them out on the floor. Unlike other shops which simply order a scooter and let it sit, when you buy from us, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get a vehicle that won't quit on you days after your purchase.

Should you encounter any issues with your scooter, it'll ease your mind to know that our highly qualified mechanics will provide you with premium caliber service that will have you leaving our shop with a smile and a fully functional scooter - often on the same day you brought it in.


One year up to 3000 miles of warranty coverage offered on many scooters - call for details!

"Greg really cares about his customers and treats me like a friend. I highly recommend Max MPG Scooters to anyone thinking of getting one."

- Daniel V., Tacoma, WA

Give us a call to hear more on our available scooters or stop in today for a test drive!

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